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Prep 14 14/10

Prep 14® provides a 20% increase in calories over conventional sweet feeds, and is formulated to allow horsemen to safely exceed maintenance energy levels, thus increasing body condition and weight.

Veterinarians regularly recommend Prep 14 for convalescing or post surgical horses. Prep 14 contains highly digestible fiber and fat, for an exceptional “calming and cooling” mix. Horses from stallions to seniors benefit from this energy dense, highly palatable ration. Many leading sales agencies choose Prep 14 for prepping bloodstock for the sale ring.

Prep 14 is fortified with Stamm 30, the industry’s most highly valued equine protein, vitamin and mineral supplement. Stamm 30 provides bioavailable sources of critical micronutrients to mature, developing, and performance horses. 


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Mueslimax 12/8

Specifically formulated with the performance horse in mind, MuesliMax® offers high energy to the high performance equine. The inclusion of the industry’s most highly valued equine protein, vitamin and mineral supplement, Stamm 30, provides natural and organic sources of vitamins and minerals.

MuesliMax offers a variety of energy sources, selected to maintain a physical edge through a rigorous training campaign. The use of oats and barley provide quick release energy combined with the slow release of vegetable oil.

Carrots in the mixture serve as an antioxidant and to enhance immunity while providing natural vitamin A. Black oil sunflower seeds serve as a source of protein and fat for energy and coat conditioning. MuesliMax incorporates these diverse ingredients to be easily recognizable to horsemen and equine alike, both visually and palatability. 


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