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Pasture Aid10 ROL w/CTC

Mixing mineral for the further manufacture of feed

Contains Rabon® and chlortetracycline for fecal fly control (horn, stable, face and house flies), increased rate of weight gain, improved feed efficiency and reduction of liver condemnation

Delivers essential nutrients lacking in most forages


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Copperhead 6% w/ROL

For control of fecal flies in manure of treated cattle. Prevents development of face flies, horn flies, house flies and stable flies in the manure of treated cattle.

Ideal summer mineral for cattle in copper deficient areas or cattle breeds with elevated copper requirements.

Feed from early spring, before flies appear and continue until the first frost limits fly activity.

Helps counteract copper deficiency symptoms including:

Rough, discolored hair (black cattle with red-tinged coats)

Slow shed-out in Spring

Slow breeders

Poor immunity


Highly palatable mineral is ideal for all production groups of cattle

Provides essential minerals and vitamins in a highly bioavailable form

Contains RainBloc® for increased resistance to moisture