Golden Blend Goat Pellet

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50 lbs

Golden Blend 14% Goat Pellets are made with the nutritional needs for all breeds.  Every bag of goat feed you open is exactly the same. We never change our formula and we never change our ingredients.

Have your goats ever had the scours and you could not figure out why? The answer might be in the feed. If you have just bought a new shipment of feed the ingredients might not be the same even if you are using the same brand of feed. Compare the new feed to the old feed. Many times you can tell the ingredients are different because the feed looks different. The reason for this is because big feed companies buy their commodities in large quantities when they are cheaper and they store them. This cuts their cost. They can make a feed with the same percentage of protein, fat and fiber and use different ingredients with every batch. With most animals this doesn’t matter. Goats need a consistent feed. It is very easy to put a goat in a stress situation by changing the feed. Also think about the mineral pack your feed company is putting in the feed. How can they be sure the feed is nutritionally balanced if they change the ingredients? You can bet they don’t change the vitamins and minerals every time.

We add Ammonium Chloride to every bag we make. We don’t use any animal by-products or fillers in our feed; therefore you can feed less Golden Blend and get the same results. Compare the feeding directions on your feed. If you are feeding more that 1 lb per 100 lbs of body weight then give us a try. We use only natural plant ingredients. We have also added a mineral pack, which gives your goats the copper and iron essential to their health. It also contains numerous other vitamins and minerals which they need for good nutrition.

We have one of the best goat feed pellets on the market. When you open a bag of Golden Blend you won’t have a lot of dust in the bottom of the bag. Our pellets also hold together better after you pour it into the feed trough. So you have less waste. If you are tired of throwing away feed, which has turned to dust, then you need to try Golden Blend 14% Goat Pellets.

We also have a medicated feed, which contains Monensin as the active drug ingredient for the control of coccidiosis in young goats. We recommend you feed this to young kids before they are weaned.

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Golden Blend 14% Goat Pellets



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    Golden Blend 14% Goat Pellets