Golden Blend Llama\Alpaca

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50 lbs

Our Formula:

Several Universities and Veterinarians have researched llamas and alpacas to determine their nutritional needs. Through this research we now can understand what the llama and alpaca producers need to maintain a healthy herd and produce top quality crias. Since llamas and alpacas are raised primarily for their fiber, it makes sense that they be on a dietary plan that will ensure that the fiber meets all the required standards for the producers. With this in mind, Custom Milling sought the help of nutritionist’s and universities and looked at the other llama and alpaca products that were on the market before developing our formula.

Quality and Freshness:

At Custom Milling we know how important quality is to our customers. Golden Blend Llama and Alpaca Feed is an all grain feed made with only natural grain products. Since it contains no animal by products or fillers, your animals digestive system is able to utilize a large portion of the nutrients contained in the feed. The grain products that are added to the feed are ordered every week and the feed is made only when the customer orders it, so you can be assured of our product’s freshness. Custom Milling also uses a special filter and sifting process to alleviate as much dust as possible from entering the bag. Most large mills leave out this process to save time and money.

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Golden Blend Llama and Alpaca Supplement

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  • Package Size: 50 lbs
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    Golden Blend Llama and Alpaca Supplement