Golden Blend Sheep Pellet

Package Size
50 lbs

Golden Blend 14% Sheep Pellets are made for the specific needs of your sheep. A consistant formulation and ingredients ensures that every bag you open is always the same.


Golden Blend 14% Sheep Pellets is a pelleted feed designed for the specific nutritional requirements of sheep. It is an all grain feed with no fillers, which enables you to feed less feed to get the overall results you are looking for.

Our fixed formulation and ingredients ensures balanced nutrition from bag to bag. Golden Blend 14% Sheep Pellets contain a mineral pack which is balanced to the ingredients in the feed. This can not be accomplished if the ingredients are not consistant. We have added Vitamin E & Selenium to aid in the prevention of White Muscle Disease. We have also added Ammonium Chloride to aid in the prevention of urinary calculi. There is no added copper which helps protect against copper toxicity. Yeast culture is added to promote healthy functional microbial fermentation.

We have 2 formulas, Golden Blend 14% Sheep Pellets and Golden Blend 14% Sheep Pellets, Medicated. The active drug ingredient in our medcicated feed is Monensin for the strongest coccidiosis prevention you can feed.

We have a clean, dust free formulation with minimum dust in the bag which means more feed is consumed with less waste.

Guaranteed Analysis
14% Sheep Pellets


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  • Package Size: 50 lbs
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    14% Sheep Pellets